„The House of Austria expands in every direction”“ (J. De Cleve, 1559)

Music from the Habsburg Courts at the

time of Philippe de Monte (1568-1603)

The 400 year anniversary of the death of Philippe de Monte in 2003 gave a unique and important impulse for the newly formed Ensemble Mezzaluna to present its first programme to the general public. The repertoire from the 2nd half of the 16th century that was composed and performed at the Imperial, Royal and Archducal courts of Vienna, Prague, Innsbruck and Graz was not only large but also exceptionally varied in terms of style and form. Indeed, at no other place in Europe was the shift from the Franco-Flemish tradition to the more Italianate polyphony so keenly felt. The 2nd half of the 16th century was also for the recorder consort, a period of change and development. The settings were ever larger, the instruments seem to have been made in more sizes and around 1620 the composition of the recorder consort was completely re-thought.

This programme includes 4, 5 and 6 part motets, madrigals, ricercares, canzonas and dances from composers such as Johannes de Cleve, Antoine de La Court, Andrea Gabrieli, Jacobus Handl, Carl Luython, Giogio Mainerio, Philippe De Monte, Alessandro Orologio, Annibale Padovano, Jacob Regnart, Lambertde Sayve and Alexander Utendal.

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